Backing up Browers Setting

An important backup procedure that often is overlooked, is backing up your Internet Explorer favorites or Firefox bookmarks. Use the procedures below to back up this data.
Backing up Your Internet Explorer Favorites

Your Internet Explorer favorites are contained in your profile folder with most of your other important data. To back these up:

    Click the Start menu in the lower left, and then select My Computer.
    The My Computer window opens.
    The My Computer window lists your available drives. Double-click your system drive (the drive that contains your windows installation).
    This is usually the C: drive.
    Double-click the Documents and Settings folder.
    In the Documents and Settings folder, double-click the folder with the same name as your username.
    This is your profile folder.
    In your profile folder you see a folder called Favorites. Copy this to your backup location.

Backing up Your Firefox Bookmarks

Your Firefox bookmarks can be backed up by exporting a bookmark file from within Firefox. Use the following instructions to back up your bookmarks:

    Launch Firefox.
    Click the Bookmarks menu at top, and then select Organize Bookmarks.
    The Library (or Bookmarks Manager, in version 2) window appears.
    Click the Import and Backup button, and then select Backup.
    Save the backup file in your backup location.