Backup & Recovery

Keeping a good backup routine can spare you from unpleasant, and sometimes costly, computer problems. A computer's hard drive (the part that stores your data) is one of the least reliable parts in your computer, which makes it extremely important to keep multiple copies of your important files.

In addition to copying files on two separate devices, it can be helpful to keep your most important data in two different physical locations, to prevent loss in cases of fire, flood, or other disastrous occurrences. We provide network space on our servers, which you can use to protect your most important data. Please refer to Back Up Policies for more specific information about this service.

Use the articles in this section as a guide for performing common back up and restore operations. If you are a CGIS affiliate and need assistance backing up your data, contact us.

For information about backing up and restoring Thunderbird email and settings, see Archiving, Exporting, & Importing.

For information about backing up and restoring Webmail email and address books, see Backing Up and Restoring.