Configuring Duplexing

Printing on both sides of a sheet of paper is commonly referred to as duplex printing. If the printer is equipped with a duplexer (currently our public printers and some program printers are equipped with a duplexer), follow the steps below to configure your computer for duplexing.
Duplexing From a Windows Computer

    From the Windows Desktop, click Start button, then click Settings, and choose Printer.
    Right-click the printer that you choose to use, and choose  the Properties option.
    On the Configure tab, check the duplexing check box.
    Click OK to close the Properties window.
    Repeat steps 2 and 3 for other printers if necessary.

Duplexing From a Mac

    Click on System Preferences on the Mac dock, then click Print & Fax.
    Select the print queue you want to duplex with, then click the Option & Supplies button.
    Click Driver, then check the box next to "Duplex Unit".

The above steps allow your computer to "see" the duplexing option installed on the printer. In most applications like Microsoft Word or Netscape, you should be able to select double-sided printing via the Page Setup or Print options on the File menu.