RCE Account Renewal

All RCE accounts have a renewal date; this is required by administrative and security best practices. Renewal dates are selected based on the estimated end times of users' projects. These can be adjusted as schedules change, though as a general rule accounts are up for renewal at least once every year. When you see an account renewal message, please respond to it. HMDC staff need to know whether you will require continued use of your account after the expiration date, and if so, for roughly how long.

Passwords to RCE accounts also have expiration dates, which are separate from the account renewal dates. Passwords expire every six months and must be changed to ensure uninterrupted access. When you see a password expiration message, please use the included link to change your password, or visit this link: HMDC Account Self Service

If you are unable to do so, pleaseĀ contact us and ask that your password be reset.