Transferring Files Securely

Confidential information must be encrypted whenever it is sent over any network. Never send confidential information unencrypted in e-mail, even if the connection to the e-mail server is encrypted.  High-risk confidential information may be sent only directly from one approved system to another.

Guidelines regarding secure file transfers comprise the following:

    If you are transferring files containing confidential information or if your files are simply too large to send over email, please use the Accellion Secure File Transfer System.  The Accellion server provides robust data security, and accommodates the transfer of files and folders up to 20 GB in size. For more info please visit:
    PGP Desktop can be used to create encrypted files, which can be transferred securely between PGP users.  For more information, please contact us.
    WinZip Encryption, SFTP, and Ironkeys can be used for transferring files securely.

For help with secure file transfer, please contact us.