Troubleshooting Network Printing

HMDC supports network printing through the HMDC print servers. By design, once a computer has been added to the HMDC network, the appropriate printers for a user should be added automatically at login. If you would like to install additional printers contact us.

If you are trying to print to a network printer and you are not receiving any response from the printer, try the following steps:

    Delete the printer from your list of available printers.
        Click on Start, and then select Control Panel.
        Double-click Printers.
        Choose the printer in question and press the Delete key.
    Turn your computer off and then on again.
    Login normally. During the login process, windows should recreate your printer object. This process could take up to several minutes. If after 5 minutes, your printer has not reappeared, contact the HMDC Help Desk at contact us.